You found the Rebellion

Growing the Rebellion

The Rebellion started of as just that a Rebellion against low qaulity over priced cannabis. I started collecting and playing with genetics in the summer of 1998. Everybody in my area was smoking mostly brick bud full of seeds and the little bit of good green sensimilia that would come around was rare and expensive. I started keeping every seed I found and asking old timers and anybody else I could for seeds. I realized early on that from a few could come many and there was no need to smoke low grade seed weed. I had good luck with those first beans and still have lines from them. I've always had a passion for seed collecting and have spent alot of time researching and collecting lines from many different breeders and private sources near and far.

No seeds for sale donation based

Here at the Rebellion we do not sell seeds but rather work towards preserving and gifting great genetics to those who apreciate them. We beleive in paying it forward so your seeds will be shipped upon receival of a donation on your behalf to a cause of the Rebellions choice. Contact us for more info.

Qaulity over Quantity

Here at Rebellion you can only expect to see one or two strains made available at a time. There are a few reasons for this limited availability. The Rebelellion collection is very large and includes many Inbred lines , Landrace, and heirloom genetics  I have collected over the last twenty years. As I go threw each variety to further preserve there genetics packs will be made available on a limited base (100-200) packs per run. I also have a few new creations that I will be slowly stabilizing and making available  but this takes time to insure qaulity and my focus is towards older rarer genetics. If your tired of unstable, unworked, overvalued first generation hybrids that you cant rely on then the Rebellion is for you.


As much as we are all rebels at heart all seeds recieved are only to be grown or ordered by those who live in areas where cannabis is legal. Cannabis is still illegal in many areas and it is your responsibility to know and comply with your local laws in regards to the possesion of cannabis seeds.